What Is Urban Swagman?

Urban Swagman is an Australian company based out of Brisbane. We are proud to be part of a growing community of modern Australian men who are becoming increasingly more aware of high quality, natural grooming products and their health benefits.

We're dedicated to making the best quality, handmade, small batch soap and cologne products for the all Australian man, and at a fair price.

Each one of our products is made from natural, organic oils that are sourced from a local Australian provider so you know you are getting only the highest quality soap, cologne and beard oils.

Why Natural Soap?

Modern men have a natural yearning to be surrounded by nature, but we rarely get the opportunity to get back to the basics. Urban Swagman aims to bring the Australian bush into the city so you can experience a little bit of freedom every day.

Commercial soap and cologne companies tend to cut corners when it comes to their ingredients and quality. The traditional soap making process has been reduced to a chemical science, replacing natural ingredients with synthetic chemicals which often cause issues with our skin.

All of our products are made from natural ingredients. No substitutes, no additives, no bullshit. Each products is handmade from natural vegetable and essential oils, free from animal bi-products, palm oil or chemical substitutes.

Who Is Behind Urban Swagman?

Urban Swagman is the brainchild of natural product enthusiasts and all-round cool people Todd O'Brien and Rachel Evans.

Both Todd and Rachel grew up close to the Australian bush and identify closely with what it means to surround yourself with nature. After moving to Brisbane, they both found that a lot of Brisbane locals loved spending their spare time away from the city and, in fact, most spent their holidays in Yamba - Where Todd is originally from!

It wasn't long after this that they also noticed a significant lack of good quality, Australian grooming products for men. Putting two and two together, the couple moved back to Yamba and started Urban Swagman - an all natural men's grooming product company that brought a bit of the Australian bush to those unfortunate enough to not live it every day.

Scrub up, men.

The Urban Swagman

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