Craft Your Own Beard Oil

Have you ever had a dream beard oil fragrance that you couldn't find out in the wild? Do you have exacting tastes that can't be met by any beard oil providers out there?

We have the answer for you - Do It Yourself

We've released the first online bespoke beard oil service, allowing you to create your own custom scent and have it shipped right to your door.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Choose Your Scents

Create the perfect concoction

We have a list of popular essential oils that you can mix and match to create the perfect musk for your beard oil. Select as many or as few scents as you would like in the mix and we'll mix them for you.

Step 2: Balance The Scent Strength

You have 15 points to spend - Spend them wisely

Once you have selected your combination of scents, you can allocate points to each of the essential oils to customise the strength of each scent.


Step 3: Name Your Beard Oil

Yes, I know it says 'Step 2' in the image!

It can be anything (Including swears! :o !) Just make sure it isn't rediculously long, otherwise we won't be able to fit it on to the label and we'll just end up drawing pictures instead.

Step 4: Tell Us Where To Ship It

Get your new beard oil in 2-3 days

Finally, tell us where to ship it and who it is for. Buying for someone else? Just add in their details to the shipping form and we'll send it to them for you. Looking after #1? We got you, it'll be there within a couple of days.

That's It!

That's al there is to it! Now go and make your own beard oil!

Don't see a scent that you'd like? Hit us up and we'll see if we can organise it for you.

What are you waiting for?

Build Your Own Beard Oil Now

Website coming soon