Getting The Most From Your Natural Soap

Natural soap for men is a fairly new concept in Australia, so chances are your Urban Swagman bars of soap will be your first experience with the natural stuff. This article will give you a bit of information about how the bars are made, what you can expect from them and how to get the most manliness out of your soap.

How is Urban Swagman soap made?

Bar soap is made by combining a bunch of different oils with a balanced amount of water and lye solution. Vegetable oils contain a variety of fatty acids that react with the lye base and 'saponify' to create a solid, pH neutral bar of soap. Each different fatty acid gives the bar a different property (Hardness, lather, cleansing properties etc.) so it is important to find the right balance of oils. (Which we totally have, by the way!)

What makes 'natural soap' natural?

Natural soap means that the oils used to create the bars of soap are all derived from their natural sources. Commercial soaps are made by first extracting or processing the fatty acid compounds and mixing them directly with sodium hydroxide or another similar base. This means that whilst saponification can still occur, it lacks all of the other beneficial attributes that natural soap provides. Kinda like drinking fruit juice without the pulp. It's good, but you miss out on the important stuff.

How do I get the most out of my soap?

Chances are you have been using liquid soap for the past few years as there really hasn't been any other choice for men on the market, so here is a quick refresher on how to get the most manliness out of your soap bars.

  1. Get a Soap-Saver

This isn't just a shameless plug for our new range of handcrafted bamboo soap-savers, they really do double the life of your soap compared to using a porcelain soap holder. Bamboo soap-savers extract the moisture from the bars in between showers so the soap doesn't disintegrate before its time. There is a reason they are now included in gift packs, we want you to get the most out of our stuff!

  2. Lather with your hands, not with the soap

You will find you get the most usage out of our soap if you run it a couple of times over yourself, than lather up with your hands. You will still get just as clean, but the bar will last much longer.

  3. Don't let it sit in the cupboard! Use it, or lose it

Natural soap doesn't have the shelf life of commercial soaps. It doesn't contain any preservatives or additives so over time the scents will start to fade. Natural soap has a shelf life of about 3-6 months, so don't hold on to it like it's your 'precious'. It was made to be used, so use it.

Natural soap is just one more way to get back to basics and get clean like your Grandad did. Aussie men DO have an option now to scrub up in the manliest way possible, so why settle for anything less?

Stay manly,
The Urban Swagman Crew

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