How To Use Your Beard Oil

Got a beard, but never used beard oil before? Looking to buy a gift for your bearded man, but don't know what beard oil does? We have everything you need to know about beard oil in one place.

What Is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is the name given to a mixture of natural oils that are made to help manage your beard. The specific mixture of oils varies wildly between brands, but the main point of the beard oil is to help:

How Does It Work?

Putting it simply, beard oils help reduce dryness and restore moisture to the beard and skin, which is the main cause of most of these issues. The natural oils contain different combinations of essential fatty acids, which all work differently with your skin.

Essential Fatty Acids are responsible for the regulation of the cell membrane, which means that they help keep the good things in your skin while they kick the baddies out. We can't create Essential Fatty Acids so it is generally advised to either consume them, or rub them all up on your face. Examples of some consumable Essential Fatty Acids would be Omega 6 and Omega 3, but we'd advise against rubbing fish oil onto your face, especially before a swim...

Why Use It?

Some people look at beard oil and think, "Wow, that's pretty hipster. I don't need that."

Anyone with a beard longer than 1cm will tell you that beard oil is the real deal. It isn't a trend, it is similar to the importance of moisturising or washing your hair. Having hot showers and using some soaps and shampoos will dry out your skin and beard. Beard oil helps to replace some of the oils lost during your showers, so they have a very practical use.

How Do I Get Some?

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