Gifts For Men

Looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life? Urban Swagman has a wide selection of gifts for men ranging from natural soap, cologne, beard oils and other male grooming products.

We have a diverse range of single products that could be the perfect gift for your man, or you can save money by buying a gift pack that you know was made specifically for a distinguished man.

The Urban Swagman Ultimate Man Pack is perfect for a birthday gift, father’s day present or even a gift for Christmas. The Ultimate Man Pack consists of about 3 months’ worth of male grooming products for the man in your life including three natural handmade soaps, one 50ml beard oil and one 30ml natural cologne.

If you are looking for a stocking stuffer or something smaller, but still want a manly gift idea, why not get him a 3 pack of soaps or a bottle of Urban Swagman beard oil?

Get them something different this year! Don’t be suckered in by the regular gifts for men. They have enough socks and undies!  Give your man a manly gift this year and give him something that he would really like.

Browse our store and make the occasion more manly.

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