Men's Soap Australia

Urban Swagman is on the forefront of providing Australian men a natural, organic and high quality option when it comes to their grooming products. Men's soap and grooming products have been more or less ignored as a concept until very recently as Australian men are becoming more aware of the benefits of using natural, organic soap.

The difference that we make is that we cater specifically for men. Most commercial brands produce the exact same product, put on a dark label and slap on the 'For Men' tag, but really, the product wasn't made specifically for men to begin with. Urban Swagman is dedicated to creating high quality, natural, organic soap, cologne and beard oil for men. We think men deserve their own space amongst all of the face washes, shampoos, cleansers and whatever else you find in the bathroom. Urban Swagman is here to fill that space in not only your bathroom, but in your soul.

Natural soap for men is interesting in that it is a fairly new concept in Australia. Men usually either buy from a small selection of squeezy bottles of chemicals aimed at university students, or they use whatever their partners are using. But what about the soap for men? Men deserve to spoil themselves every once and a while and we like to think that Urban Swagman can provide the swag.

Urban Swagman is Australia's only men's soap company that focuses specifically on natural, handmade grooming products. If you are looking for men's soap in Australia - look no further.

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