Natural Male Grooming Products

Male grooming is becoming more important and prevalent as Australian men are becoming increasingly aware that looking good and taking care of yourself is awesome.

Male grooming consists of anything from attire, hair style, hygiene rituals and almost anything else that makes men look better and sharpen up.

Urban Swagman has a plethora of male grooming products that are all natural, organic and handmade so you know you aren’t sacrificing any quality.

Male grooming should be a ritual. The morning shower and shave. The beard wash and re-oiling. The hair shaping and cologne application. Men like to adhere to rituals as it speaks to us on a primal level while also giving order and consistency to our lives.

Urban Swagman has something for every part of these rituals and we will keep growing to encompass as many individual rituals that we can.

The Shower and Shave

The shower and shave ritual is one of the most common, especially with the baby-faces amongst us. Urban Swagman has a growing list of natural, handmade soap bars that remove the grit of the day-to-day without stripping the natural oils from the skin. We use the most high quality natural oils in our soap so the bars have a balance of cleansing and moisturising properties.

When it comes to shaving, we will be soon coming out with a shaving soap but for now we have our very own ‘No-Beard Oil’ which can double as an aftershave as well as a face moisturiser.

The Beard Maintenance Routine

Talk to any man with a beard and eventually the conversation will come around to how spectacular their chin-hedge is. But there isn’t much appeal in growing a great wizard beard and letting it frizz out and go wild. This is where a daily beard wash and oil routine comes into play.

After the ‘Great Cleanse’ there needs to be order given to the beard. That is where our beard oils step in. Beard oil is great for maintaining and protecting your beard as well as helping keep the shape under control. Just apply one of our deliciously scented beard oils to keep your wild mane in line, well-nourished and radiating manliness.

The Shape and Scent

The pre-party ritual is just as important as any other as men take to the mirrors and make sure their exteriors accurately express their inner greatness. Hair shaping and olfactory alignment are the key features of this ritual as men try to make the best first impression.

We don't yet have a natural hair wax (It is in the works!) but we have a couple all natural colognes that make you smell like your best manly self. Check them out!

We supply the whole suite of male grooming products for the all Australian man. If you are looking for Australian male grooming products, you have come to the right place!

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