Natural Soap In Australia

Natural soap making in Australia has become a niche, which quite frankly is a pretty gross fact. When did we decide that stripping all of the benefits of soap and replacing them with synthetic chemicals would be the good idea? I'll tell you when. It was when it became more profitable, that's when!

Natural soap in Australia is coming back though, and in force! There are a few start-ups that are growing and putting up a fight against the commercial companies by offering great quality, natural soap that provides you all the benefits that commercial soap companies have stripped out. Urban Swagman are proud to be on the underdog team that's taking the fight to fat cats and showing them that Aussies want quality products!

Natural soap for men, you say?

Men's natural soap is something that no-one is doing apart from us, though. Sure, every soap brand has a men's range, but none of them are made exclusively with men in mind.

Men have been sitting in the wings waiting for a range of natural products that they can use without the stigma of being a bit of a hippy, but really, there isn't anything wrong with caring about what you put on your skin.

We offer a range of natural products that are great value, better for you and all-round the best option out there for the men of Australia. You deserve the best, then why don't you buy the best?

Why Natural Soap?

Why not? Your skin absorbs everything, so why would you rub chemicals all over it twice a day? Sure, to stay hygienic and clean you need to wash away the daily grime but what's wrong with doing it the way Grandad did it, with bars of soap created from natural products? We have sacrificed quality for 'efficiency' in the past, but efficiency's track record has been a bit shakey and sometimes the ol' fashioned way is just the best.

Natural soap is made from renewable, sustainable ingredients that all include their own health benefits. Commercial bars of soap are made up from the broken down chemicals that kind've resemble soap, but without the benefits.

Natural soap is the better option for you, the environment and for small Australian businesses like us and our providers.

But what makes us different?

There isn't anything like what we sell at Urban Swagman that is out there for Australian men. Sure, you could go get a handmade bar of soap from any farmer's markets. You could buy a regular bar of commercial soap that isn't any different to the others apart from the dark label and the 'For Men' stuck to the front. You could do these things, but you won't because they aren't giving you what you want. And what is it that you want?

You want great quality, well-priced and natural grooming products that you feel good using - every day. You want to make relationships with people that add value to your life and that's all that we want to do.

We are a couple of entrepreneurial minds that just want to do our part in providing high quality education and products to Australian consumers.

We aren't a faceless corporation. We both have faces. (They are pretty cute, too!) We genuinely care about what we do and we hope that you do too.

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