3 Bar Bundle

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Thrifty spender, I see! Save more on soap and shipping with a 3 pack bundle. $8.00 per soap and 3 months worth of manly scents.

Choose any combination of the soaps so you only get what you want.

Fresh Prints: Peppermint, Bergamot and Rosemary gives you a fresh start to any day.

Hands Off Snakey: Sweet Orange, Cinnamon and Peppermint scents along with an exfoliating coffee scrub, this is the only breakfast bar you will ever need. (NOTE: Not edible)

Lumberjack Fantasies: Cedarwood, Cypress, Pine Scotch, Bergamot and Rosemary - Enjoy the scents of the forest in your very own shower.

Should Last: 3 Months (If dried correctly in-between showers)

<b>Olive Oil</b>
The base oil used in all Urban Swagman soaps. Olive Oil adds all of the base properties to a good bar of soap - Hardness, Lather, Cleanliness, Nourishment and Moisture.
<b>Coconut Oil</b>
Adds a major amount of Hardness and Cleanliness to the bars of soap.
<b>Cocoa Butter</b>
Adds Hardness and Moisture to the bar. Amazing for your skin.
<b>Shea Butter</b>
Deluxe ingredient that is properly fantastic for your skin. It doesn't react much with lye, so you get the full benefit of the shea butter.
<b>Avocado Oil</b>
Massive Moisture. Fights against the dry feeling that other commercial soap bars give you.
<b>Castor Oil</b>
All about the Lather! Castor oil give the soap a strong, fluffy and stable lather so you know the soap is working.
<b>Sweet Almond Oil</b>
Adds to a stable Lather, Conditioning qualities and a healthy hit of Moisture to the soap.

Natural soap bars contain no preservatives or chemicals, so care must be taken to get the most life out of them.
Run over body once or twice to begin lathering process. Continue to lather with hands to give your soap bars more longevity.
Use of a wooden soap-saver is essential to adding life to your bars. Wooden soap-savers can increase the life of your natural soap bars by up to 100% as they allow the soap to fully dry out in-between showers.
Avoid porcelain soap holders. They are a one-way ticket to Slopsville.

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Urban Swagman is Australia's best soap and skincare range exclusively for men. Using natural, Australian sourced organic ingredients to create the best quality products for todays modern man.