Dark 'n' Stormy - Cologne - 30ml

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Daily use cologne to bring some civilisation to the modern caveman.

A manly blend of essential oils gives you the camping experience each and every day.

Escape the office, chuck a spud on the fire and crack a tinny.

Smells like: Sitting around a campfire in the Australian bush.

Size: 30ml

Should Last: 3-6 Months depending on use

<b>Jojoba Oil</b>
Jojoba oil is very similar to the oil our skin produces, but is actually a wax ester so it stops the cologne from fully absorbing into your skin.

<b>Sweet Almond Oil</b>
Amazing carrier oil that moisturises the skin and ensures the essential oils are at their most potent.

<b>Cedarwood Essential Oil</b>
Sweet, woody scent with a variety of health benefits.

<b>Basil Essential Oil</b>
Warm, fiery scent. Slightly aniseed-y

<b>Vetiver Essential Oil</b>
Smokey, earthy scent. Smells like a campfire.

<b>Cypress Essential Oil</b>
Light, woody scent. Slightly spicy.

<b>Black Pepper Essential Oil</b>
Strong, crisp scent.

<b>Bergamot Essential Oil</b>
Fresh, citrus scent. Cuts through the thick scents to lighten it all up.

Use daily to enhance your masculinity and hide away some of the stank.

Apply 1-2 drops on pulse areas.

Essential oils may lose some of their scent within 3-6 months so don't be a miser!

30ml bottle should last 6 months with recommended usage.

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