Handcrafted Soap-Saver

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Handmade bamboo soap savers help drain out the excess moisture from your bars inbetween showers, extending the soap's life so you get more manliness.

Our soap savers are handcrafted by our friends over at Wood Be Designs by MOO, a small Brisbane based duo who make handmade wooden shelves.

Soap-savers are handmade with love from the guys at Wood Be Designs by MOO.
Made from Bamboo

Keep soap-saver in a place that will dry in-between showers to avoid mould build-up.
Allow the soap-saver to fully drain by avoiding completely flat surfaces. Eg. Glass, flat tiles etc.
Clean out leftover soap from grooves before a new bar is used. This will ensure proper drainage and will make your bars of soap last longer!

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